All you need to know about 
launching a Financial Services Business 
in 2018

Webinar - How to Launch an FS Business in 2018
10:30 AM
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Launching a business is challenging. Doing so in financial services is even more daunting. 

 Are you scared about complex regulation? 
Worried that such a business is hugely capital intensive? Are you worried about getting traction amidst competition with big players? 
 Think its not even worth attempting such an enormous venture?
Director at Vedanvi
Jay Tikam
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Financial services is undergoing a radical shakeup, reducing barriers and bringing huge opportunities to make your fortune.

After the webinar, you’ll:

• Quickly learn about this industry and assess whether its right for you

• Get confidence that a fortune can be made, through real life case         studies

• Learn other ways to profit, if starting a business is not right for you

• Be clear on exactly the business model that is right for you

• Get 7 proven pillars of building a successful financial services   business

• Walk away with a rough plan if such a business is right for you

Webinar - How to Launch an FS Business in 2018
10:30 AM